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More 5-star ratings for LOCKDOWN!

Here's what readers are saying about LOCKDOWN on GoodReads:

"This is a dark, thrilling read in the vein of King (his earlier work, for sure) or Koontz. Overall, if you like your stories dark, with little hope to be found, this is the series for you. It is well worth the time." -5 Stars, Maureen

"Lockdown was FANTASTIC. I am absolutely obsessed and if you loved Staycation & the vibe you got during that. Lockdown is a must-read." -5 Stars, Hannah

"Amazing!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!! I loved this so much and this topped staycation!!!!! More of a mind fuck and I had the same feelings of confusion like I did while reading Staycation but the way the story evolved it is so much better!!!" -5 Stars, Sara

"This was AMAZING. I am still in shock as this book was so good. Highly recommend if you have read Staycation." -5 Stars, Justin

"Lockdown was incredible. Way different twist and turns and wow. I mean this was truly spectacular... keep a notebook and a pen handy. RJ an incredible author that truly packs a punch with his writing..." -5 Stars, Amber Gill

"Unbelievable, what a gripping story that won’t disappoint." -5 Stars, Jackie

"This book is impossible to put down." -5 Stars, Riann

"A heart-pounding novel that will keep you awake." -4 Stars, Kenneth L.

Experience LOCKDOWN for yourself.

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